Transport Variables Associated With Meal Prep Kit Shipments And Deliveries

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If you are concerned about how fresh a meal prep kit's ingredients will be when they arrive at your home, learn how many delivery services package their products and transport them. With most meal delivery services, you will not be required to be at your residence when a meal kit is dropped off.

Packaging Considerations

A meal prep subscription plan guarantees that perishable items will retain their freshness while in transit. A membership will allow you to select from fruits, vegetables, meat, meat alternatives, and dry packaged goods. These components may be pre-measured and mixed or sealed inside separate bags. All of the ingredients that comprise a kit will be placed inside an insulated container.

A delivery service may use a series of water-soluble gel packs that will keep food at a cool temperature while the items are in transit. Gel packs will not freeze raw or cooked ingredients. Instead, they will keep the ingredients at a temperature that is comparable to the temperature within a standard refrigeration unit.

A delivery service may also use dry ice to guarantee that products remain in a frozen state while they are being transported. A freight company that a meal prep business contracts with may use vehicles that come equipped with interior refrigerator or freezer storage units. All of these measures will keep products as fresh as they were when they were first packaged at the point of origin.

Transport Times And Tracking

Upon enrolling and hand-selecting the meal plan that appeals to you, you will be provided with a series of transport times for various goods. A combination of air/land freight providers or one particular type of freight delivery service will be responsible for handling your goods. The distance that you live from the establishment where your meal prep kit will be coming from may determine the method of shipment.

You can request that each of your meal kits is delivered to you by a specific date. This date will remain consistent on a weekly or monthly basis. You will also have the option of receiving notifications and tracking each shipment. If you are not going to be at home, you can check your email or go to the food delivery service's webpage. After signing into your account, you will be provided with a tracking number. Any food prep items that are dropped off at your home will remain at a stable temperature for several hours. 

For more information, reach out to a meal prep delivery service.