What Can Hamburger Moulder Equipment Do?

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Hamburgers are a versatile food item. Hamburgers can be served in casual dining and fine dining restaurants. However, shaping hamburger patties by hand can be time-consuming and unsanitary. If you'd like to add hamburgers to your restaurant menu or simply improve your food production line, invest in hamburger moulder equipment for your restaurant kitchen. Here are four things that specialized hamburger moulder equipment can help you do.

1. Create hamburger patties quickly and easily.

When working in a kitchen, every second counts. Customers expect to get their food in a timely manner, and any delay could lead to customer dissatisfaction. If you run out of hamburger patties in the middle of the day, you need to be able to replenish your stores quickly. Hamburger moulder equipment allows you to make hamburger patties quickly. Simply weigh the right amount of meat and place it in the moulder tray. The hamburger press will shape your ground beef into a perfect, round disk of uniform thickness.

2. Ensure your meat cooks evenly.

Customers can be very particular about the way their meat is cooked. Some people only eat well-done beef due to the health risks of undercooked meat. Others prefer the juicy flavor of medium-rare or even rare hamburgers. The ability to cook hamburgers to perfection depends on even hamburger patties. Hamburger moulder equipment creates patties that are all the same shape and size. Each patty will cook at the same rate, which will give your line cooks minute control over the level of doneness of each patty.

3. Automatically separate hamburger patties.

Hamburger moulder equipment can streamline your hamburger patty production by allowing you to quickly form patties. However, as patties are formed, they must be separated so the ground beef does not stick together. Hamburger moulder equipment is crafted with automatic paper dispensers. These dispensers can be filled with squares of wax paper designed to separate hamburger patties. As each patty is created, a piece of wax paper will be placed over it to prepare the stack of hamburgers for the next patty.

4. Provide a safe dining experience.

Food handlers must be careful to keep bacteria away from raw food. Bacteria can make customers sick, and raw meat is especially susceptible to developing food-borne pathogens. Hamburger moulder equipment can help you run a sanitary kitchen because it is made from nonporous metal that can be easily cleaned and sanitized at the end of the day.

To learn more, contact a hamburger moulder equipment supplier.