Simple Ingredients That Can Stretch Your Catering Dollar Further

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Your catering budget is always something that will be on your mind when you sit down with your catering professional to plan your event's menu. While it might be tempting to opt for a smaller amount of food as a way of saving money, this can leave your guests feeling hungry afterward — and, in some cases, a little dissatisfied. It's often a better idea to talk to your caterer about your budget and discuss the various ingredients that are affordable to use. There are a number of simple ingredients that can be effective in this manner, including the following.


In terms of cost per pound, potatoes are one of the more affordable ingredients that your catering service can offer. They're ideal for virtually any type of catered event, too, because it's rare to find people who don't like potatoes. Talk to your caterer about the different ways that it can prepare this ingredient. Even something as simple as mashed potatoes — especially when ingredients such as garlic and chives are added — can appeal to a large percentage of your event attendees. Baked potatoes and even wedge potato fries can also be appropriate and affordable.


Rice is another ingredient that is extremely economical to use. Your catering professional will likely quote you a favorable price to prepare what may be a considerable volume of rice. There are many different ways to prepare rice, but don't discount the value of simple boiled rice, as it pairs well with many dishes. Fried rice can be a good option for certain menus, while adding different herbs and spices to boiled rice can transform the taste and appearance of the food — all without digging into your budget too much.


If you want to go in another direction and be able to serve your guests a considerable quantity of food without going over your budget, pasta can be a worthwhile choice. Your caterer can present you with a number of different pasta types, so whether you favor something long and thin such as spaghetti or you want something shorter such as penne to cater to the children who will be in attendance, you have many options to think about. There are, of course, a countless number of sauces that you can consider with your pasta, while making it into a pasta salad is another way to use this affordable ingredient at your upcoming catered event.

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