3 Reasons To Consider Trying Out An Organic Coffee Shop

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Organic coffee shops are becoming more common across the nation. You may already have one located near you, or perhaps one of them has recently opened up near your home, and you are not sure exactly why you should drink organic coffee. However, there are many good reasons to buy your coffee at this type of shop rather than a more traditional coffee shop.

1. Organic coffee is safer to drink 

Regardless of the source of the beans that a non-organic coffee shop may have, if these beans were not organically grown, the coffee plants have had one or more chemicals used on them. These chemicals are always claimed not to be a health factor by coffee companies. This is because by the time the end product arrives to the consumer, any trace of harmful chemical has been washed away through a cleaning process, or so they claim. Of course, they seldom claim that these chemicals are harmless, only that they are no longer present on the beans. But any danger to your system from these chemicals won't be realized for many years, so why take a chance? Organic coffee beans are grown without chemically treating the plants.

2. Organic coffee is better for the environment

Non-organic coffee beans are harvested from plants that are grown using fertilizers that contain dangerous chemicals. Although they seldom are a part of the end product that you consume, they often make their way into streams, rivers, and lakes. This hurts the local ecosystems and contaminates drinking the water supply. But even the pesticides and herbicides used to protect plants can harm to local animal life.

3. Organic coffee helps farmers

Most of the coffee in the country is imported from third world nations where the coffee is grown by subsistence farmers. Their income is low, and they have little hope of making a better life for themselves and their families. Part of the model for organic coffee is to pay farmers a fair price for their coffee beans. When you buy coffee and coffee beans from organic coffee shops, you are helping to alleviate poverty among coffee bean farmers.

An organic coffee shop is usually not a part of a large retail chain, but you should consider giving them your business. They will use certified organic coffee that is made, so it is safe to drink and safe to our environment, and farmers get a fair price for their beans helping poor farmers. Along with fresh coffee, these coffeehouses will usually sell organic coffee beans so that you can drink this same coffee at home. In addition, you may be surprised to find organic teas at some of these coffee shops, as well as healthy snacks to eat with your organic coffee.