How To Host A Great Bachelor Party At A Restaurant

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Is one of your brothers getting married? Perhaps it's a good friend who will be tying the knot soon. Either way, if you're hosting a bachelor party, from putting out the word to the grooms friends to selecting a restaurant, here are some ideas that will help you to plan a fun event that the groom will never forget.

Sending Invitations - It might be your tendency to just email the details of the event to friends and family members, but there's a better way. Send actual invitations.

  • Get a list from the groom of everybody he wants to attend the event. If you're on a tight budget, give him a number of guests you feel comfortable about him inviting.
  • Think of a clever way to design the invitation. For example, obtain a baby picture of the groom and make it the front of the invitation. Add words like This baby has come a long way!
  • Be sure to include an RSVP along with the rest of the information needed. You may not get a response from everybody on the list, but at least you'll be a little bit closer to knowing how many to include.
  • It's fine to send an email message or a text message a couple of days before the bachelor party is held, just to remind the recipients of invitations that the event is coming up soon. Maybe at that time you'll get more RSVPs.

Choose The Restaurant - Choosing the right place to hold your friend's bachelor party is obviously important. 

  • Consider asking your friend to give you ideas of his favorite restaurants. Get more than one suggestion so you can check out different prices on the menus from each one.
  • Think of choosing a restaurant with a sports bar. That would be a great place to start the event, as your guests can visit and talk with each other. Those who don't know each other can get acquainted while everybody arrives.
  • Ask the managers of the restaurants you consider if there is a party room where you can have privacy. It would be great to start at the sports bar and then move into the dining area when the meal is ready to be served.
  • Be sure to give information to the manager of the sports bar/restaurant of how many to expect and when exactly your event will take place.

Be sure to take pictures of the groom and his friends at the bachelor party. His bride will for sure want to see these and include them in her scrapbook.

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